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Going beyond the surface

Microdermics is a drug delivery system that replaces needles with precision injection to the intradermal space for potential therapeutic dose reduction. Our patented platform is the only scalable, customizable, metal-based hollow microneedle platform available in the market.

We work collaboratively with pharmaceutical companies to unlock the potential of the skin.


Versatility for new market opportunities

Our platform can be customized to extend the life-cycle of existing products, develop innovative new applications or accommodate specific patient needs.


Improve patient experience without reformulating

Our intradermal platform is unique in that it works with existing formulations to eliminate needle-phobia and deliver a comfortable patient experience.


Quick and cost-effective to implement

Our intradermal platform seamlessly integrates with a partner’s existing systems through rapid prototyping of solutions at low cost.


Safer and easier for everyone involved

Our technology is easy to use, allowing for safe and convenient administration by healthcare professionals or self-application by end users.


Who we are


Microdermics is a Canadian based medical device company, operating at the intersection of microelectromechanical engineering, clinical development, and business.

We are defined by the work we commit to each other and the shared passion to commercialize the technology and positively impact billions of people. This is demonstrated in everything we do, decisions we make, and relationships we build.

Our investment in Microdermics is an example of finding an excellent, well-run company providing a solution to a global need. We are so excited to support development and commercialization for this delivery system, which will be beneficial and have a huge impact to so many around the world.
— Ray Chan, founding partner of K5 Ventures

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