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INTRADERMAL DELIVERY - New Technology Brings Simplicity & Scalability to Intradermal Drug Delivery 


Intradermal drug delivery is increasingly recognized as a potential solution to many of the challenges faced by new and existing medicines. Intradermal dosing provides the opportunity to more effectively administer agents such as small molecules, biologics, and vaccines, allowing for improved bioavailability. Nonetheless, the widespread use of this route of administration continues to be limited by technical challenges in the performing of intradermal injections, which requires specialized training and has poor reproducibility.

Microneedles are a rapidly growing technology developed to solve issues surrounding intradermal drug administration. While many microneedle platforms have been developed over nearly 2 decades, the issues and concerns remain largely the same. A simple, robust, reproducible platform that can be scaled for widespread use has not been achieved. Some of the existing microneedle products have addressed one or more of the limiting hurdles in development, but no single platform has yet addressed them all. Microdermics’ needles are novel, hollow, metallic microneedles, which offer all the benefits of intradermal drug delivery in a simple design that is completely manufacturable. The following describes the Microdermics technology and its improvements over the conventional subcutaneous route of administration.

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