Hypodermic Needles Are Obsolete

Needle phobia, patient comfort, and imperfect drug performance are major problems for patients and health systems.

We are developing the next generation of microneedle technology for intradermal delivery of vaccines and biologics. These devices are easy and comfortable to use, remove the dreaded needle, and target the biologically rich upper dermis to make today's drugs better today.

 Hypodermic needles have been the same for 160 years

Hypodermic needles have been the same for 160 years


Customize. Integrate. Commercialize.

Our Intradermal Platform is deeply customizable, allowing for devices to be optimized for any particular patient group and the therapeutic they require. This enables integration with existing syringes and auto-injectors, while also making possible breakthroughs in drug delivery.

Microneedle Wafer File_003.jpeg

Tiny Innovation

  • No visible needle for improved patient experience
  • Eliminates needle fear and needlestick injuries
  • Specifically targets the superficial dermis    

Built to Scale

The Microdermics microneedle technology is built upon a proprietary process that enables large-volume production and low cost-of-goods. 

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